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Demobilization and Amnesty

"Encrypted message #909

From: Leningrad Front
Submitted: 2:10 July 15th, 1945
Received: 3:10 July 15th, 1945
Submitted for decryption: 3:20 July 15th, 1945
Decrypted: 4:00 July 15th, 1945
Decryptor's signature: Kuznetsov

To the Chief of Staff of the 10th Guards Army
To the Chief of Staff of the 41st Guards Rifle Corps

In compliance with the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR decree issued on July 7th, 1945, on the amnesty in connection with victory over Hitler's Germany, the Front Commander orders that:
  1. All military personnel sentenced to penal companies by courts in execution of NKO order #413 dated August 21st, 1943, are freed from further punishment, and directed to:
    1. Privates and NCOs: to their unit for continued service.
    2. Officers: to the Army personnel department.
  2. Privates and NCOs freed from punishment and affected by the demobilization law passed on June 23rd, 1945, on the demobilization of personnel based on age, are demobilized from the Red Army upon their arrival at their respective units.
  3. Report on the number of penalized personnel that were assigned to each unit to the mobilization staffing department of the Front on July 18th, 1945. Directive #OMU/2/148 issued by Front Staff on July 7th, 1945, is cancelled.

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