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Improvised Guns

In 1941, the Red Army found itself desperately struggling to fill a shortage of small caliber anti-tank artillery. While anti-tank rifles were still on the drawing board, improvisations like these had to be made.

"Decree by the Military Council of the Northern Front #187ss
August 22nd, 1941

Contents: on the end of DOT-4 production and production of simplified ant-tank guns on a wheeled mount at factory #7
  1. Cease production of pillbox DOT-4 45 mm systems.
  2. Factory #7 director comrade Kalistratov must mount leftover 45 mm guns on a simplified wheeled mount (7-33) according to factory #7 blueprints.
    1. August 22nd: 20 systems
    2. August 23rd: 20 systems
    3. August 24th: 25 systems
    4. August 25th: 30 systems
    5. August 26th: 35 systems
    6. August 27th: 40 systems
  3. Other factories must send factory #7 45 mm tank guns with parts, tools, and TOP sights:
    1. Voroshilov factory #174: 200 units
    2. Izhor factory: 150 units
  4. The secretary of the city committee, comrade Dlugach, must transfer staff from other establishments to factory #7 by August 21st:
    1. Electric welders: 30
    2. Assembly technicians: 80
  5. Set up production of the following components at factory #7:
    1. Worm gear of the elevation mechanism, 35 units daily starting on August 23rd."
The result wasn't exactly pretty, but it was functional.

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