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"Tommy Gons"

"From Washington
#11115, 11116
00:45 August 14th, 1941

Immediate priority
To: Stalin, Molotov, Shaposhnikov
  1. The American government officially asks if we need submachineguns currently used by the American military (the so called "Tommy gons"), as well as ammunition for them, and in what amounts. The caliber is 11.53 mm, weight 3.5 kg, effective range of 400 m, the length is about the same as the PPD, top rate of fire is 500 RPM. Three types of magazines: 20, 50, 100 rounds. Muzzle velocity around 300 meters per second. The cartridges are the revolver type. Looks like the Americans have a large stock of this machinegun. It might be good for arming reconnaissance units, paratroopers, cavalry, motorcyclists, and partisans. I request your instruction for the volume of the order.
  2. In the same official way (in writing), the American government asks if we need all-terrain  4x4 reconnaissance cars. The exact type was not named, but it is produced by Ford (300 units per day) top speed of 65 kph across bad terrain, 1/4 ton tow capacity, 45 L of fuel capacity, 6 gears forward and 2 reverse, 24 cm clearance, armed with one 7.62 mm machinegun and carries 1200 rounds of ammunition, can be used by reconnaissance, communications, patrols, as a commander's car, a tractor for a 37 mm gun, or for carrying ammunition. Costs around 1000 dollars. I repeat that I am not sure that this is the exact type that will be sent, but I request your instructions regarding purchasing cars of this type.
  3. The American government asks us about the required number of trucks and medium tractors (likely gas fuelled, as is it the most common type here).
August 14th, 1941
Golikov, Umanskiy"
"To Washington
Sent 19:40 August 15th, 1941


Umanskiy, Golikov

1. Agree to take the "Tommy gons" submachinegun, about 2-3 thousand rounds per gun or more. We can accept 10 thousand or more units. If they can give more, say 20 thousand, we will gladly take them. We also agree to take 5000 units of the Ford reconnaissance vehicle.

2. We are in great need of armour for tanks, as was previously communicated by me to Umanskiy and Lukashev. Push this matter through urgently, as the production of our tanks depends on supplies of armoured plates.


RGASPI 558-11-385 pp.111-113

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