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"Award Order

  1. Name: Gryazev, Vasiliy Fyodorovich
  2. Rank: Guards Sergeant
  3. Position, unit: gunner in an M4A2 tank, 1st tank battalion 5th Guards Tank Brigade
    Is nominated for the Order of the Red Star.

  4. Year of birth: 1920
  5. Nationality: Russian
  6. In the Red Army since: 1921
  7. Party affiliation: VKP(b) candidate
  8. In the Patriotic War since: May-August 1943 near Krymsyaka, North Caucasus Front
  9. Prior awards: "For Courage" medal on May 10th, 1943 order #518 of the 5th Guards Tank Brigade
  10. Recruited by: Penza recruitment office
Comrade Gryazev showed courage and creativity in battle against German fascism.

In combat on August 8th, 1943, the tank in which comrade Gryazev served as a gunner burst into the Gornovesyeliy homestead past the enemy trenches, killing the enemy with fire and tracks. One shot destroyed a dugout with 9 Germans.

The tank destroyed a gun in a short duel, but it was knocked out and burned. The sergeant was surrounded and without a weapon. Comrade Gryazev picked up a clump of dirt and pretended to throw it at the Germans in the trench, and as soon as they ducked down he jumped over the trench and left the battlefield with 8 bullet wounds and 8 shrapnel wounds.

For courage and bravery displayed in battle against German occupants, he is worthy of the state award of the Order of the Red Star.

Commander of the 1st battalion, 5th Guards Tank Brigade, Guards Major Kuprianov
August 14th, 1943"

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