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Room Clearing Guide


Assault group - forward!

Your submachine gun is around your neck, 10 grenades are at hand, and courage is in your heart. Act!

Be bold and take initiative! Believe in your strength!

Move unseen and without noise!

Close with the enemy using hidden paths: trenches, travelways, holes in buildings or fences. Crawl, use bomb craters and ruins. You can hide well here. And then - a brave rush forward.

Go in as a pair - you and your grenade!

Dress lightly: you go in without your backpack, the grenade without its fragmentation sleeve. Your grenade goes first, you follow.

Turn in time!

You will enter a labyrinth of rooms and beams full of danger. No problem! A grenade in every corner! Another room, another grenade! A turn, another grenade! Forward once more!

A burst from your submachine gun at the remainder of the ceiling, and forward! A suspicious nook - comb it with your submachine gun! Most importantly, don't dawdle!

Be ready for the unexpected!

The enemy may counterattack. Do not be afraid! You already have the initiative, it's in your hands. Press on harder with your grenades and submachine gun!

Surprise the enemy!

Blind them in any way you can, try to strike them from the darkness!

Stab the stunned enemies with your knife or chop them with your shovel!

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