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7.5 cm Sprenggranate 34

Much talk is dedicated to various armour piercing munitions, but high explosive shells are no less important for cannons. Let's take a look at the data sheet for high explosive ammunition of a 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/43 gun.

"Spreng-Granate 34. Vo = 550 m/s

Without delay (o.V.): use against strongpoints, AT guns and riflemen, masses of targets, against tanks use only with impact fuse.
With delay: (m.V.): use against targets behind cover, or, as an exception, against live targets with ricochet.

Shrapnel effectiveness area:
  • At an impact angle of less than 45°:
    • Each side: 15 m
    • Forward: 7 m
  • At an impact angle of over 45°:
    • Each side: 18 m
    • Forward: 10 m
  • From a ricochet, at a height of 10 meters:
    • Each side: 10 m
    • Forward: 8 m"

While standards of "shrapnel effectiveness" vary between nations, a quick comparison with Soviet 76 mm HE demonstrates the superior effectiveness of the latter (assuming the PzIV isn't firing from a ramp to make its shells land at a sharp angle). 

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