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F-32 Technical Passport

Despite the stereotypes of poor Russian organization, major components of a tank (the gun, the radio, the engine, etc) all came with a technical passport that contained the data for the item in general and this specific item in particular. Here is a technical passport for a F-32 gun installed in a KV tank.

"Production passport for a product
Name: 76 mm tank gun (index 52-PT-354b) for installation in a KV tank
Blueprint (overall) number 1223 (2 pages)
Model/type: mod. 1939

Technical characteristics:
  1. Barrel caliber: 76.2 mm
  2. Muzzle velocity: 621 m/s
  3. Maximum barrel pressure: 2300 kg/cm²
  4. Shell mass: 6.23 kg
  5. Barrel length: 31 calibers
  6. Rate of fire: ~25 RPM
  7. Vertical range: -5°  to +25° 
  8. Horizontal range: 360° 
  9. Recoil length: 360-420 mm
  10. Maximum pressure in return mechanism: 29-31 kg/cm²
  11. Mass with toolkit: 1582 kg
  12. Dimensions: L: 3 m W: 1.2 m H: 0.9 m
Complexity of the product:
  • 922 types of parts
  • 2106 total parts
  • 587 types of machined parts
  • 133 types of stamped parts
  • Classes of tolerance: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
  • Dominant class of tolerance for stationary parts: 4
  • Same for moving parts: 7"
An enumeration of the parts follows, including how much they weigh and how much raw material went into making them. A cost is also specified, but only for the toolkit. 

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