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37 mm Anti-Tank Rifle

"Rolling Company-level 37 mm Anti-Tank Rifle

Combat mode. Elevation angle 15°.

General characteristics of the system

The purpose of the system is to serve as company level anti-tank armament. It uses a semiautomatic breech with forced opening. Insignificant amount of recoil is achieved using a roller principle, where the shot is fired while the barrel is moving forward, which is done with a special spring* and a muzzle brake.

The gun is equipped with wheels to move around the battlefield. For long marches, the system can be easily taken apart into 2 pieces or transported whole with the carriage in travel mode.

The gun can easily be converted to be carried by people or on a horse.
  1. Caliber: 37 mm
  2. Shell: armour piercing standard 129, fuse MD-5 with tracer, mass = 0.674 kg **
  3. Muzzle velocity: 520 m/s ***
  4. Propellant charge: 0.05 kg ***
  5. Maximum gas pressure: 2600 kg/cm² ***
  6. Chamber volume: 0.077 dm³
  7. Muzzle energy: 9.2 ton-meters ***
  8. Total mass in combat mode: 82 kg
  9. Mass of the oscillating part: 39 kg
  10. Mass of the rolling mechanism: 20 kg
  11. Bore axis height: 250 mm
  12. Maximum elevation: +15° 
  13. Minimum depression: -5° 
  14. Horizontal range: +/- 10° 
  15. Length in combat mode: 2420 mm
  16. Length in travel mode: 1580 mm
  17. Length of the oscillating part: 1365 mm
  18. Axle width: 620 mm
  19. Resistance force during firing: 340 kg
  20. Sight: ZYa-4, direct fire, angled

* A hydraulic safety device is added in case of a misfire or hangfire.
** Temporary
*** Calculated"

Via rusarchives.

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