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A-20 Characteristics

"A-20 tank (convertible drive)
September 10th, 1939

Tactical-technical characteristics of the A-20 tank
(Convertible drive with 3 powered pairs of wheels)
  • Mass: 18 tons
  • Length: 5.7 meters
  • Width: 2.65 meters
  • Height: 2.36 meters
  • Armour: 25 mm or equivalent in toughness
  • Armament: one 45 mm gun, two DT machineguns
  • Ammunition: 160 45 mm shells, 300 machinegun rounds
  • Crew: 4
  • Cruising range: 350-400 km
  • Engine: 500 hp V-2
  • Top speed: 75 kph
  • Mobility:
    • Maximum grade: 40 degrees
    • Widest trench: 2.4 meters
    • Maximum fording depth: 1.2 meters
The tank has travelled for 4200 km during the course of factory and proving grounds trials. The trials revealed the following:
  1. The side friction clutches and brakes need to be reinforced.
  2. The idler mounting should be changed.
  3. The ball bearings on the wheel drive reductor should be reinforced.
  4. Visibility from the tank needs to be improved by installing additional observation devices.
Marshall of the Soviet Union, K. Voroshilov"

"Decision of the ABTU RE: A-20 tank

The A-20 tank has significant advantages over the existing BT tanks due to its engine, usage, and combat characteristics. Factory #183 must produce a pilot batch of 15 units by January 1st, 1940. Before then, correct all defects discovered during trials and reinforce the front plate to 25 mm and the front part of the floor to 15 mm.

Chief of the ABTU, Corps Commander Pavlov
Military Commissar of the ABTU, Brigade Commissar Kulikov
September 15th, 1939"

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