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"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense #72
On Establishing Classes of Tank Drivers
November 18th, 1942

Experience shows that successful tank actions depend, first and foremost, on their drivers. Skilful driving of the tank and constant maintenance of it in working order requires significant experience and knowledge. In order to improve the training level of tank drivers and reward the best of them, especially those with significant combat experience, establish the following categories:
  1. Master tank driver
  2. Tank driver 1st class
  3. Tank driver 2nd class
  4. Tank driver 3rd class
The specification for attaining each class is contained in the attachment. 

Tank drivers will be paid an additional monthly reward:
  1. Master tank driver 150 rubles
  2. Tank driver 1st class: 80 rubles
  3. Tank driver 2nd class: 50 rubles
Complete classification of drivers by January 1st, 1943.

People's Commissar of Defense,
I. Stalin"

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