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Repair Rewards

"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense
On rewards for personnel of armoured units for quick and high quality repair of tanks
February 25th, 1942

In order to accelerate repair and restoration of tanks currently undergoing light and medium repairs in army level, front level, and military repair units, I order that:
  1. Starting on March 1st, 1942, the following monetary reward for personnel of repair units that can provide quick and high quality repair of tanks in the timelines defined by their commanders is introduced.

    Light repairs

    Medium repairs

    KV tank

    350 rubles

    800 rubles

    T-34, Mk.II, or Mk.III tank

    250 rubles

    500 rubles

    BT, T-26, T-40, or T-60 tank

    100 rubles

    200 rubles

  2. The monetary reward will be issued twice a month based on the presentation of a report and its approval by the superior commander.
  3. The reward is distributed as follows:
    1. To the head and military commissar of the repair unit: 5% each from the total reward amount.
    2. At least 70% must go to reward the workers of the unit.
    3. The remainder is to be distributed by the head of the unit and the military commissar among the commanders and service personnel of the repair unit.
  4. Personnel who receive a monetary reward and the reward amount are chosen by the commander and commissar of the unit depending on their participation in the repair work and quality of the work performed, and then announced to the entire unit.
  5. The monetary reward to the head and the military commissar of the unit is assigned by the commander of the Armoured Forces of the Front (or Army). 
  6. For systematic overfulfilment of government quotas for tank repair, personnel of repair units are nominated by the military council for decorations in addition to the monetary reward.
  7. This order must be announced to the personnel of the armoured vehicle repair units and formations.
People's Commissar of Defense
I. Stalin."

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